About Us

Our Values

Vertigo Labs is a Canadian video game development company based out of Toronto, Ontario. Our core value is simply that games should be fun and not annoying.

Mobile games in their current fashion are filled with ads and in app purchases. Sure, you can ignore these ads and not pay for the bonus gold for your clan. But, that wont make you the best at the game or you wont be able to complete the game without doing so. Pay to win game play is not in our wheelhouse and we will not be doing.

Our mobile games are intended to be 100% free to start and then, if you like the game you will be ask to pay one time and that’s it. The money you pay will be one time and you will never be asked to pay again (excluding DLC).

For game that we host either locally here, or on the Steam platform will have a cost associated with them upfront. But we will always make it a fair price that doesn’t break the bank.

Who We Are

It is a one man show here, for now. Vertigo Labs was founded in 2019 by Jabbles (pronounced JAY-bulls). Jabbles often found that he was coming up with a neat idea for a game but then went to find a game that met that style and was disappointed with the results. So, in late 2018. He started learning game development in Unity and then felt confident enough to announce the first of many failed projects in May of 2019 called Commuter: The Game.