Devlog #13 – Where is Commuter?


Good day Commuter fans!

Look, I know you all have been wondering where the updates have been. Quite frankly, I have been embarrassed and disappointed in my self that the game production has stopped. But, its for a good reason! I had to get married.

Now, this was a planned marriage that took place on November 1, 2019. Going into the start of October, I realized that I had ALOT of work I still needed to do. So, essentially, the game stop being produced while I had to focus on a very important day in my life.

Vertigo Labs is a 1 man show remember and on top of working 40 hours a week to pay bills, I now had to put the finishing touches on my wedding. What made this more complicated was it was in another country so… yeah.

Long story short, the game is still being developed and production is ramping back up this week! This month and a bit off was good to clear my mind of bugs and maybe take a fresh start back at the game.

That’s all I have to say, ACTAUL devlog is coming soon! Promise!

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