Devlog #12 – September 28, 2019


Code Cleanup & Economy Progress

Hello Commuters!

I hope you are all well. Today, we are going to go over our update to the game as we normally do for these text based devlogs. Before we get started, be sure to check out our socials below!

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Code Cleanup

During our updates for version 0.7, 0.8, and 0.9. There was alot of code that we needed to clean up before we can make progress forward. These lines of code were causing redundancy which if you know anything about coding and developing, redundant code causes issues elsewhere.

When we were making new features and during the last three updates there was a bunch of code that we created (mainly around the departure and arrival of the trains in the stations) that was already being done elsewhere. While this didn’t cause any issue or bugs. It does add to the amount of processes per frame which can increase your computers RAM usage while playing.

So, we spent the last little bit going through our scrips and cleaning up some code and in total we removed almost 1000 lines of code that was not needed anymore. I know on the front end you wont be able to see it but on the back end this was needed and important to do!

Economy Enhancement

When we created Fairview Station this would be the first station that you need to actually purchase. When we created it, it actually didn’t cost anything and just unlocked when you clicked it. Well, that is no more and we have implemented one of the economic components of the game.

Unlock popup for Fairview Station.

When you unlock a station it will not only tell you the cost. But it will also tell you what this station will do for the economy of the game. Obviously, as you progress through the game the cost for the stations will get more and more!

We also tweaked the departure popup we added last update to be more accurate and down to the exact second the train would be arriving to the terminal.

Next Steps

I think this would be a good time to outline our progress of the game and where we stand.

The next steps is to start making some more levels and truly test the games engines. Before we could do that we needed to make sure that each engine component is working 100% bug free. (for the most part). We would spend more time bug bashing if there are more levels to cause bugs. But, if we try and expand with little to no bugs known then it would be done easier and more efficiently.

I hope to have new levels built with V1.01 or V1.02. So stay tunes for that!

Thanks all who have supported us so far, talk to you all soon!

Commuter: The Game
Alpha Version 1.0
Change Log

Bug: Fixed bug where departure was doubled up at certain times
Bug: Fixed loading bug where panel would not launch.

Tweak: Tweaked departure scripts to allow accurate departure times vs guesses. 
Tweak: Reduced redundancy on back end code to increase performance.  

UI: Added real time departure times to popup UI.

Engine: Fairview Station now has an unlock gate and UI to match.