Devlog #10 – September 8, 2019


We are back!

Commuter: The Game
Alpha Version 0.8

 Bug: Fixed issue where you can launch signal map but can’t go back to the main menu.
 Bug: Fixed fare calculation bug. Fare calculate accurately now for Windermere Station.
 Bug: Fixed spawning and train departure issue with Windermere Station.
 Bug: Fixed issue where Frequency Timer was not saving for some reason.
 Bug: Fixed issue when reload too main menu happened, signals would clear.
 Bug: Fixed issue where fares would not count if player was not in station.
 Bug: Fixed train capacity bar to not float in air which was super weird to see. 

 Tweak: Adjusted offline spawning on Windermere Station.
 Tweak: Adjusted spawn time for arriving passengers so they do not all rush our at once. 
 Tweak: Adjusted hub station train arrival when there is a gap in the line.

 Feature: Mouse over trains will now display departure time as well as next train time (if applicable)

 Design: Changes station map on Line 1 to not include other lines (Kinda a design bug when the port from mobile occurred)
 Design: Colours added to text in UI.
 Design: Moved change frequency editor to be inline with UI.
 Design: Changed welcome to screen buttons to be more inline with design and UI.

 Testing: Game is now compatible with Mac and PC.