Month: August 2019


Devlog #9 – August 18, 2019

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Commuter: The Game
Alpha v0.7
Change Log

UI: Ported game from Mobile design to PC design.
UI: Added new UI bars for Main Menu and Station View
UI: Created station number buttons and markers.

Feature: Signal Map created

Bug: Minor bug fixes

Seems like a dull log but really, it was alot!


Devlog #8 – August 10, 2019

Transition to PC Game

Good day fellow Commuters!

I hope you all had an amazing two weeks and in the northern hemisphere enjoying the warm and suns of summer. It has been quite the two weeks ourselves here and have some news that we wanted to share with you all.

Project Map

Has hinted in the previous Devlog. There is a new idea that popped into our head that we wanted to create a proof of concept on. We worked on this concept game the week after Devlog #7 and it has since been completed.

We are not ready to announce the game at this time as there still is a few more things we want to iron out before the name, type of game and everything is confirmed. For now, we are calling it “Project Map”

This project is more of a time sensitive one as the type of game it is would style nicely with a release close to certain upcoming events. So, because of this, we are going to be cycling the development weeks between Project Map and Commuter. By know means am I putting Commuter on the back burner. It will still get equal development time.

With that being said, we have added new channels to our Discord for Project Map where there will be teaser images and updates regarding this project. Please check it out there when you get the chance.

Commuter News

Now, the real reason why you are here. Commuter, in its early stages of development was modeled around begin a mobile game. The idea behind this was that you could play Commuter, while commuting! This was going to be our marketing behind it, we had it all planned out.

As we developed the game and added the features that will make this game truly fun and interesting to play. We found that processes that we were needing were quickly exceeding the limits of a lot of currently mobile devices.

When we completed Version 0.6 last week. We started loading the game on to some devices we had access too. Huawai P30 Pro, iPhone XS Max, Google Pixel 2 XL, iPhone XR and iPhone 7.

On the higher end devices we found the game to run fairly smoothly. There were some performance slowdown when the game hit a peak time and there was a lot going on, but we chalked that up with it being a game in a Alpha stage.

Then when we placed the game on the Pixel, iPhone XR and iPhone 7. The game just CRAWLED. When I say crawl, you guys have no idea it was unplayable. We tired to fiddle with a few things but it wasn’t getting much better. Keep in mind the game is currently only three levels with no features such as events and staff control.

I spoke with a Game Dev community and shared some of the code with fellow developers and there was a common consensus that the game is just to much for Mobile. This is obviously sad news as the whole concept of the game was to be on mobile.

Now, we are left with a tough decision. Do we keep the game on Mobile and shave off some features and code to make the game more mobile friendly? Or do we start the process of transitioning the game to a PC/MAC version and look at bring the game to mobile later.

We finally decided that this was the best option. So, now we are reluctantly proud to announce that Commuter: The Game is now coming to Steam! We obviously don’t have a release date yet as we need to redo the entire UI of the game. But, we are finding excitement now that we have a bigger more powerful canvas to play with.


As you can expect this was a tough decision for us and we hope that you all will still stick around and play the game when it does come out. We will continue to update you all here every two week with the next Development Log coming on August 24, 2019.

Please continue to follow us on Discord for more updates when the come out. Links for all our socials, below.

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