Devlog #1 – June 11, 2019


Announcing Commuter: The Game

Vertigo Labs is proud to announce its first title. Commuter is a mobile transit themed management game. We are still in the earliest stage of development. Commuter will be initially launched on iOS and Android and will later be ported over to Steam and Standalone platforms.

At this time we do not have a set release date as we are still in the process of developing the core aspects of the game. Once we get an idea of how the game is coming along, we will feel more comfortable providing a release date. We don’t want to let you down and push back dates that we cannot keep.

Game Play

If you have played Mini Metro and Airport CEO then this will be the game for you. It is intended to be a top down 2D style with relaxing sound. The management will be real time and also idle. This wont be an idle game where you can quickly exceed 1 Trillion dollars. Realism is key along with the management in this game.

The main world will be fictional allowing the user to customize how they want their transit system to work. Additional DLC is in the action plan to include REAL cities but that’s a long term plan.


Vertigo Labs has a strict value where games shouldn’t consist of pay-to-win style game play or be filled with obnoxious ads or having to watch an ad to get a boost in the game. While we are sure that’s good for the bottom line. We just wouldn’t feel right to do it and we wont.

Just like the release date we are not set on a price for the game yet. This will be depended on a bunch of factors but we promise it will be a fair price for the game play you receive. Once we get further into development we will poll the community for pricing options and what will work best for everyone, including us and our values.


We plan to release pretty regular Devlogs here. But, we have created a discord where we will have ongoing discussion about the game and you can get a behind the scene sneak peak at the game.

You can join it here. We also have setup a subreddit here.